Each topic contains a discussion of issues and goals, and describes how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing these goals.

Why & How

Why & How


While Oklahoma City does have it challenges, it also has some excellent assets and opportunities to build on. The city’s urban resurgence, strong economy, quality of life and place, and increasing numbers of young adults are just some of the assets and opportunities that we can capitalize on. With continued strong leadership, community involvement, and determination, the city can realize the vision and goals described in this plan.


Urban Resurgence

By now the story of Oklahoma City’s urban resurgence is well known across the country. What began with the original MAPS projects in the 1990’s has continued with additional MAPS initiatives and an enormous response in private capital expenditures. While much has been done, there is still room for improvement. Oklahoma City has only begun to realize its potential.




Strong Economy

Oklahoma City maintained a stable economy through the recession that began in 2008, and the city continues to thrive. Its status as the state capital and home to Tinker Air Force base, as well as strong energy, health care, and education sectors help the city to maintain economic stability and promise future prosperity.


More Young Adults

In the past decade the number of people age 25 to 35 has grown rapidly in Oklahoma City, and this group is projected to grow even larger. These adults are important to our community because they provide talent for growing companies and because they tend to enjoy living in urban areas—reinforcing our urban resurgence.




Quality of Life and Place

Oklahoma City boasts a growing list of amenities and interesting places to visit while still providing a low cost of living, and quality, safe neighborhoods. These qualities are attracting employers, residents, and tourists.