Each topic contains a discussion of issues and goals, and describes how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing these goals.

Element chapters describe how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing the ambitious goals set by planokc. Element chapters cover different topics such as land use, transportation, neighborhoods, the environment, etc., and discuss issues, goals, and initiatives related to each topic. Each initiative is a summary of policies the City and its partners intend to pursue in order to accomplish the goals outlined in each element.

As the future land use element of planokc, sustainokc guides growth and development with the goal of establishing efficient and highly functional land use patterns. sustainokc contains initiatives that will direct the location, type, intensity, and form of all development types.


Moving people is the focus of connectokc. Its initiatives lead toward creating more transportation options, safe places to walk and bicycle, and an efficient system that allows people and goods to travel throughout Oklahoma City.


greenokc, the environmental and natural resources element of planokc, assesses the impacts of development on ecological systems and contains initiatives that will ensure that we maintain a healthy environment as we accommodate growth.


liveokc, the communities element of planokc, establishes initiatives designed to improve livability and strengthen neighborhoods throughout the city. It focuses on enhancing existing assets to increase our safety, choices, and opportunities.


enrichokc encompasses historic preservation, urban design, and arts and culture. Its initiatives express and promote Oklahoma City’s identity through the built environment and cultural opportunities.


As the parks and recreation element for planokc, playokc outlines how parks, open spaces, and recreational programs will be funded, developed, and maintained to meet the needs of our growing city.


strengthenokc contains strategies for strengthening our economy. It guides the City’s efforts to create and attract jobs, diversify our economy, and maintain a stable and growing tax base.


serveokc, planokc’s public services element, addresses public safety, water, sewer, solid waste, library, and education services and the efficiency with which they are provided. serveokc’s initiatives focus on building a resilient future for Oklahoma City.