Each topic contains a discussion of issues and goals, and describes how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing these goals.

Development Guide

Development Guide

Urban Commercial (UC)

The UC layer encourages the concentration of small-scale retail, office and service businesses in locations that serve as hubs for neighborhood and city-wide consumer activity. The UC designation applies to development within one block of the designated corridor. UC designates strategic areas where the creation or revitalization of a commercial district will drive revitalization and an increase in property value in surrounding neighborhoods. Office and multifamily residential uses are highly desirable uses within UC areas, as they generate market demand for retail, incorporate walkable environments, and create synergies that encourage full utilization of land. Heavy industrial uses are not compatible with the character and purpose of the UC designation.

Density Range

Gross Density   20 – 75 du/acre
Lot Sizes   vary
Non-Residential Floor to Area Ratio (FAR) Range   Minimum of 0.5, may exceed 1.2


1.0  Site Design, Building Form, and Location

  1.1  Site Design
  • Building setbacks, access points, and other criteria as defined in the Street Typology section  are to be applied as appropriate.
  • Encourage all buildings fronting a designated corridor or node to have ground floor space for retail or service businesses.
  • All signage should be designed to provide visual coherency, which includes a consistent and cohesive pattern of materials, lighting, and height.

2.0  Automobile and Pedestrian Connectivity

  2.1  Automobile Connectivity
  • Limit curb cuts and automobile accessibility off of the primary commercial street.
  • Reduce the size of private parking lots through shared parking agreements.
  • Customer-oriented uses are encouraged to take access off of Connector and Neighborhood streets that intersect with Major or Minor Arterials.
  2.2  Pedestrian Connectivity
  • For multi-tenant properties, include an internal pedestrian system that allows customers to park once and conveniently walk to several destinations.
  • Provide safe and direct pedestrian and bicycle access from adjacent public streets and trails.
Urban Commercial Character
Clusters of single and multi-story commercial buildings with ground floor retail, office and services, often co-mingled with multifamily housing.