Each topic contains a discussion of issues and goals, and describes how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing these goals.

Development Guide

Development Guide

Regional District (RD)

The RD layer designates areas that strategically prioritize the location and concentration of regionally serving retail and entertainment uses. This includes major national retailers that have a regional draw, as well as concentrations of retail that draw visitors from outside of the city.

Uses that generate sales-tax are a priority within RD areas. Complementary uses such as office, entertainment, high density housing, and services may be appropriate as limited secondary uses, provided they are inter-connected to create mixed-use urban centers.

Density Range

Gross Density  

12 – 20 du/acre for SFA*

20 – 30 du/acre for MF*

Lot Sizes   vary
Non-Residential Floor to Area Ratio (FAR) Range   Same as base LUTA

* SFA = Single Family Attached; MF = Multifamily


1.0  Site Design, Building Form, and Location

  1.1  Site Design
  • Provide heavy landscaping along all frontages.
  • Allow customer-oriented development to exceed the traffic compatibility range, provided mitigation strategies contained in the compatibility matrix are employed.
  • All signage should be designed to provide visual coherency, which includes a consistent and cohesive pattern of materials, lighting, and height. No more than two primary centralized signs per center should be allowed.

2.0  Automobile and Pedestrian Connectivity

  2.1  Automobile Connectivity
  • Provide cross access to connect the vehicular and pedestrian networks between individual retail, commercial and housing developments.
  • Development should take access off of streets intersecting arterials. Mid-block development should use shared access points.
  2.2  Pedestrian Connectivity
  • Include an internal pedestrian system that allows customers to park once and conveniently walk to several destinations within a retail center.
  • Provide safe and direct pedestrian and bicycle access from adjacent public streets and trails.
Regional District Character
Large scale retail destinations, accessed off of major arterials, often co-mingled with office, hotel and multifamily development.