Each topic contains a discussion of issues and goals, and describes how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing these goals.

Development Guide

Development Guide

Streets Capacity

Current Conditions

Criteria for Prioritization

(ranked by Priority, 1 being highest priority)

The analysis of street service is illustrated below. It includes the following categories based on modeled existing traffic:

Dark Green = Most unused existing capacity.

Light Green = Progressively less extra capacity as the green lightens.

Yellow = Small amounts of unused capacity.

White = Undeveloped or rural areas where the scale and quality of street service is not well described by urban capacity measures.

  1. “Easy” Fixes – Streets where only minor improvements are required to achieve necessary capacity improvements.
  2. Network Impact – Prioritize streets that create the greatest improvement in overall connectivity and service to the largest number of people.
  3. Development Responsive – Prioritize projects that create necessary capacity expansion in response to ongoing and planned development.