Each topic contains a discussion of issues and goals, and describes how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing these goals.

Development Guide

Development Guide

Employment (EM)

The Employment layer reserves priority areas within the city for large industrial and business development essential for Oklahoma City’s economic stability and future growth. The EM designation provides a competitive advantage for attracting new companies and retaining existing companies that need to expand.

This designation maintains large acreages (typically 25 acres or above) to maximize clustering for specialization, synergy, transportation efficiency, and knowledge exchange. Appropriate uses within EM include those that generate employment, such as manufacturing, office parks, and office/industrial flex space uses as well as industrial uses such as warehousing or distribution. Multifamily is also appropriate when integrated as part of a holistic development that incorporates the aforementioned uses.

Land uses such as single-family residential, service-related retail, K-12 schools or other civic uses, unless proven to support the primary activity or use, are not appropriate within this area.

Density Range

Gross Density n/a
Lot Sizes
Non-Residential Floor to Area Ratio (FAR) Range n/a


1.0  Site Design, Building Form, and Location

  1.1  Site Design
  • Small-scale industrial, office, or retail development is appropriate provided that it supports / strengthens major employment uses and does not restrict future large-scale development by fragmenting parcels or impeding internal circulation.
  • Ensure development adjacent to Employment Reserve areas is compatible and will not compromise viability of employment lands.

2.0  Automobile and Pedestrian Connectivity

  2.1  Automobile Connectivity
  • Development is encouraged to be designed to accommodate future development’s access needs, including partial connector construction, where appropriate.
  2.2  Pedestrian Connectivity
  • Provide sidewalk connections to adjacent development.
  • Horizontally mixed-use developments should have public sidewalk connectivity between land uses.