Each topic contains a discussion of issues and goals, and describes how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing these goals.

Development Guide

Development Guide

Open Space (OS)

Open Space identifies concentrations of publicly owned land intended to remain undeveloped and natural in character. The purpose of this typology area is to preserve important naturalized areas for aesthetic, quality of life, and environmental purposes. Only certain uses managed by the public sector would be appropriate within an area designated as OS.

Density Range

Gross Density   Density ranges are not applicable in the Open Space Land Use Typology Area.
Lot Sizes  
Non-Residential Floor to Area Ratio (FAR) Range  


1.0  Site Design, Building Form, and Location

  1.1  Site Design
  • Avoid development within or modification of 100 year floodplains or floodways.
  • Minimize visual, auditory, and other pollutants.
  • Minimize use of impervious surfaces.
  • Maximize the retention of natural areas and open space.

2.0  Automobile and Pedestrian Connectivity

  2.1  Automobile Connectivity
  • Ensure public amenities within these areas can be accessed by the public via safe and efficient pedestrian and/or bicycle connections that do not compromise sensitive environmental features.
Open Space Character
OS is intended to remain as largely undeveloped, preserved natural areas primarily around Lakes Hefner, Draper, Overholser and Arcadia.