Each topic contains a discussion of issues and goals, and describes how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing these goals.

Development Guide

Development Guide

Urban – Future (UF)

The Urban – Future layer maintains agricultural land and large acreage estates until the area is ready for urbanization. The purpose of this UF designation is to retain land in a condition that provides the most flexibility for developing at urban densities in the future and ensures the most efficient, sustainable delivery of services. Land assembly is one of the most difficult tasks associated with effective land development. To the extent parcels become fragmented, the potential to efficiently urbanize these UF areas is compromised due to the challenges of land assembly.

Urban – Future areas may have access to the City’s public water supply or sanitary sewer systems but not both, and typically don’t have urban levels of fire service. These areas present opportunities to increase service levels over time and responsibly manage the public costs of growth. Urban services, including City water and sewer, are not intended to be provided to UF areas until the designation is removed through an amendment to planokc. Commercial and light industrial uses may be appropriate provided they do not negatively impact agricultural operations and character or the potential to eventually urbanize.

Density Range

Gross Density n/a
Lot Sizes
Non-Residential Floor to Area Ratio (FAR) Range n/a


1.0  Site Design, Building Form, and Location

When the Urban – Future layer is removed for new development, UL policies will apply

2.0  Automobile and Pedestrian Connectivity

When the Urban – Future layer is removed for new development, UL policies will apply