Each topic contains a discussion of issues and goals, and describes how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing these goals.

Development Guide

Development Guide


Current Conditions

Criteria for Prioritization

(ranked by Priority, 1 being highest priority)

The analysis of water service need is illustrated below. It includes the following categories:

Dark Green = Served

Light Green = Close proximity to fully looped, well-connected portions of water network

Yellow = Potential connectivity – likelihood of good pressure without substantial boosting.

Orange = Potential connectivity – need to determine if pressure will be sufficient or whether a booster station is required.

Red = Not efficient to serve based on distance from water source and the number of areas of the city that have better connectivity and service potential.

  1. Coordination with other Primary Services – If water is preventing urbanized development in areas already serviced by fire or sewer, then expand to provide efficiencies between all utilities.
  2. Low Pressure Urbanized Areas – Areas with lower pressure that are targeted for infill growth that may stress overall capacity of the network.
  3. Development Velocity – Prioritize areas where expansion of services will serve many potential new developments in the short-term as opposed to a single development.
  4. Urban Growth Areas – Prioritize areas designated for urban growth as defined by the Urban – Low Intensity and Urban Reserve land use typology areas (Urban Reserve to open to urban development only through amendment to planokc.)