Each topic contains a discussion of issues and goals, and describes how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing these goals.


Oklahoma City has many vibrant and active neighborhoods that offer nurturing places for citizens and their families. Maintaining healthy neighborhoods takes work and active involvement by residents. We recognize that neighborhoods are the building blocks of our city, and that thriving and safe neighborhoods are essential to its health.

Key attributes of thriving neighborhoods include basic safety and security, freedom of movement, good property maintenance, a wide range of quality housing choices, parks and other common spaces for people of all ages, and easy access to schools, community resources, and economic opportunities. These and other ingredients can help create the most intangible but most important feature of great neighborhoods – a sense of identification and community spirit, where people know and care about the people who live around them. Healthy neighborhoods make life in the city better. And the ingredients that create healthy neighborhoods are the “livability indicators” that inform our community’s priorities.

liveokc is the communities element of planokc. It considers the issues and establishes the initiatives and policies that will improve livability and strengthen neighborhoods throughout the city, using existing assets to increase safety, choice, and opportunity for all residents.

Many Oklahoma City neighborhoods have been stable since their beginning. Others have undergone change including a recent resurgence in several urban areas within the Inner Loop (the area roughly bounded by I-44, I-35, and I-240) as their diversity attracts a new generation of young families. Our threefold task is to:

  1. Identify and address issues in ways that maintain the character of stable neighborhoods;
  2. Continue the momentum created by resurgent neighborhoods, and;
  3. Enhance the livability and security to facilitate resurgence of neighborhoods where improvements are needed.