Develop and adopt a city-wide Historic Preservation Plan to comprehensively address the identification, retention, preservation, and revitalization of the City’s historic, cultural, archeological, and architectural resources. The plan could be used to accomplish the following:

  • Consolidate existing documentation on the City’s historic resources, including historic surveys, reports and studies, and existing local, state, and national designations in order to identify areas of recognized significance and areas that are under-/undocumented. Use this information to set priorities for additional research.
  • Evaluate the impact of current development patterns, existing policies, and regulations on City-wide historic resources, and adopt new policies, guidelines, or ordinance amendments as necessary to address weaknesses, inconsistencies, and regulatory or financial disincentives for preservation.
  • Identify buildings, sites, or districts for potential new Historic Preservation and Historic Landmark zoning, Legacy Resource designation, or for eligibility to take advantage of other tools including National Register nomination and related tax credits, preservation easements, and others.
  • Develop policies, regulations, and guidelines for a City-wide review of all work impacting historic resources including, but not limited to, treatment of dilapidated or vacant and abandoned buildings, review of demolitions proposed outside of HP/HL designated areas, and review of the impact that new development has on historic resources located outside the City core.