We will form partnerships and implement efforts that create settings that advance educational achievement. The challenges facing Oklahoma City’s public education system are daunting. The stakes of success are great, given the need to capitalize on the potential of our youth and the importance of quality schools in achieving this plan’s overall goals. School policy and curriculum are far beyond the scope of planokc. But City policy can help provide safe and nurturing environments that remove at least some of the pressures and distractions that keep kids from learning. Both this element and liveokc address people’s expectation to live in safe neighborhoods.

The City’s Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI) program, for example, can establish recreational, fire safety, public safety, and character building programs for schools. This program to create supportive environments includes initiatives discussed in previous elements – parks and recreational programs, neighborhood development, stabilizing social fabric, and many others. Direct partnerships with schools can also be extremely effective. The City can initiate strong connections between schools and the business community to improve education, training, and retraining. Finally, a city that includes 27 school districts and has helped fund projects in many of them can help initiate regional cooperation and some sharing of responsibilities.