We will maintain park assets to be consistent with community needs and constituencies, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to future demographic changes. The City should develop and implement a program to evaluate, improve, and sometimes replace park facilities to fit the needs of nearby the residents. This program will evaluate each park in the system for its ability to serve its constituency and set priorities for deficiencies. When neighborhoods change so that parks no longer meet their needs, the park should be replanned or put to a more appropriate use, possibly through redevelopment. Park master plans with phased implementation programs will be developed in partnership with neighborhoods in their service areas.

We will develop and implement a plan for recreational services and programs tailored to community needs. Park assets are only a part of the story. Park programming, the activities that actually take place within these assets, should also respond to community needs. Meeting the twin objectives of maximizing efficiency and service requires a program that identifies and strengthens core focuses for recreation efforts. Programs should include an emphasis on health and wellness. Recreational offerings should include close partnership and coordination with schools, health care providers, and other organizations.