We will use private parks to meet local needs in certain settings in developing areas, subject to maintenance standards and commitments. Parks, including neighborhood parks, have traditionally been part of civic life, open and welcome to the general public. On the other hand, smaller neighborhood parks are primarily used by residents of a specific local area and are increasingly difficult and expensive for a municipal parks department to develop and maintain. This leads to an increasing acceptance and even encouragement of private parks, controlled and maintained by the residents of a specific neighborhood or subdivision and not necessarily available to the general public.

The Parks Master Plan anticipates that most local park demands in new growth and rural areas will be met by private parks. Oklahoma City should accept the development of private parks as part of a program to meet level of service standards for these areas. However, public neighborhood parks should be developed as part of or adjacent to school sites, along trails and major pedestrian or bicycle routes, and along greenway corridors. New private parks, when developed, should follow specific management and maintenance standards.