Each topic contains a discussion of issues and goals, and describes how the City and its partners will go about accomplishing these goals.

The Development Guide is a vital resource for anyone interested in how land is used in Oklahoma City. To learn more about our land use plan, infrastructure and investment, and the themes that guided the creation of the plan, browse the sections below.  

Big Ideas

The result of the extensive research, analysis, and public outreach summarized in the “Why & How” section of planokc was seven “Big Ideas” that define the overall direction of planokc. These themes are incorporated throughout the Land Use Plan and Element Chapters. The following is an explanation of each of these Big Ideas, presented in no particular order.


Land Use Plan

The Land Use Plan creates a vision for development throughout the 621 square miles of Oklahoma City. Its formulation was guided by varying types of public input and technical analysis regarding housing, transportation, environment, and the efficiency of providing public services. The Land Use Plan is made up of five primary sections:


Infrastructure & Investment

One of the most important of the City’s functions is to build and maintain our city’s infrastructure, including the transportation network, parks, and other facilities. This function has a profound influence on land use and place-making. The sections below are designed to provide clear direction to the City and the community about appropriate locations and types of infrastructure.